Unreleased Notorious BIG Music II

We here at themostnotorious.com have accumulated so much information and rare facts of the unreleased music Notorious BIG had recorded that we needed to expand our “unreleased music” to a second page.  We are always on the look out for new information of previously unreleased Notorious BIG music, so if you know of ones that are not included here, please email us at notoriouscollector@gmail.com.  Check back often as we often update our lists often

– There is an original unreleased version of “Playa Hater” featuring Lil’ Cease instead of Puffy

– RZA has said in an interview that an original version of “Long Kiss Goodnight” exists with Cappadonna talking shit instead of Puffy.  Those disses were directed at 2Pac

– Biggie had regretted Puffy leaving original material off “Ready To Die”.  Biggie had really wanted the original version of “Come On” with Sadat X to be on the album

– Jadakiss has says that there is a version of “Victory” that exists with him featured on the record and not Puffy.  DJ Kay Slay has also confirmed that this record exists

– There is an original version of “If I Should Die Before I Wake” that Biggie had recorded that he wanted to include on “Ready To Die”.  Puffy was upset about the lyrics of the Virgin Mary and refused to include it on the album.

– Even though Uptown Records kicked Puffy off its staff in 1993, the label originally held on to Biggie and the “Ready To Die” album.  Uptown assigned someone else to oversee Biggie and his debut album, and he originally wanted to change the album completely.  Uptown Records wanted Biggie to rap over mostly up-tempo R&B songs instead of hard core rap tracks.  Biggie eventually became fed up with the direction the label was trying to take him, and left the label to join Bad Boy Records after Puffy started the label

– There is an unreleased song that Biggie recorded with Craig Mack that was left off “Ready to Die”

– During the East Coast/West Coast beef, Biggie had bumped into Suge Knight in New York when he was hanging out with DJ Premier.  Suge was looking to get DJ Premier to produce for Lady Of Rage.  After Premier and Suge’s conversation, Biggie told Suge to tell Dr. Dre that he wanted some Dre produced songs for Life After Death.  According to Preme, Suge said “alright” and walked away.

– Biggie had plans for a TV sitcom in 1997/1998

– Biggie originally said of “Born Again” in an interview : “I want to call my next album ‘Born Again’.  I want to really start focusing on all positive things.  I want it just to be all positive, all about making fun and all about things we can do to make it better”

– After Biggie and Ghostface Killah/Raekwon buried their beef in March 1997, Ghostface had wanted to recorda song with Biggie.  Biggie would be killed a few days after burying the beef and the song was never recorded

– Biggie wanted Jeru the Damaja to record a video for “Brooklyn Took It” with him standing in the back of the video

–  It is rumored that when Biggie died in 1997, he already had 5-7 unheard/unused rhymes in his head that he would never get a chance to use

– Biggie wanted to try rapping over a DC style Go-Go beat that he was planning on releasing in the summer of 1997.  Biggie mentioned this a few weeks before his death, so no one really knows if this Go-Go song was recorded

– Biggie wanted to record to DJ Clark Kent’s beat “Move Your Body”.  Clark gave the beat to Mad Skillz instead even though Biggie kept asking for it

– A clean version of “Dreamz Fuckin An R&B Bitch” was recorded while Biggie was still with Uptown Records.  The label also wanted to shoot a video for the clean version of “Dreamz”

– Biggie was pushing Michael Jackson to record a video for their song “This Time Around” in 1995.  MJ and his team were not interesting in that

– Biggie was also working on a screenplay he was writing in 1995.

– Biggie had actually recorded another unreleased verse for “The What” with Methodman.  The verse was too raw for Puffy and Puffy took it out of the official released track

– Biggie had thought that Lil Kim and Kleptomaniac were the two most talented MCs in Junior Mafia.  Biggie originally planned on releasing a Lil’ Kim solo album followed by a Kleptomaniac solo album in 1996.  Kleptomaniac never did get to release his own solo album.

– There are rumors that an original reference track to “I Love The Dough” exists where Biggie is also signing the chorus

– Biggie originally had a different and cleaner verse for “This Time Around” with Michael Jackson that was not used

– “You’re Nobody….Till Somebody Kills You” originally was suppose to have an R&B singer on the hook and not Biggie

– “Who Shot Ya” originally had a line about Michael Jordan’s dead father.  Puffy did not like the line and took it off the song

– LL Cool J’s “Doin It” was originally for Biggie.  Biggie had even come up with the concept for the song

– Timbaland said he was going to work with Biggie right before he was killed

– “Biggie Duets” was originally supposed to be a double disc album

– The unreleased songs that Daz claims to own were recorded for “Life After Death”

– “Another Rough One” was meant to be on “Ready To Die”

– Havoc of Mobb Deep had the original beat for “Last Dayz” stolen and had to record a new beat

– There are rumors that after “Hit Em Up” was released, that Junior Mafia was furious about the diss.  Even after Pac died, they wanted to retaliate with a song called “Dig Em Up”

– Easy Mo Bee said that Biggie was very picky about choosing beats for “Ready To Die”.  Mo Bee has said that he would have to play Biggie 100 beats before he picked one

– Biggie’s original demo was recorded to “Ultimate Breaks and Beats Volume 24″ with DJ 50 Grand

– Bad Boy Records at one point in 2001/2002 was planning on releasing an all ‘Live Biggie Album”

– There are rumors that Biggie had done some unreleased recording with his label he co-owned Undeas Records

– Jay-Z was suppose to appear on “Born Again”

– There is a version with “Last Days” with a different Jadakiss verse.  After the original recording, Biggie told Jadakiss to record a different verse because he thought it was weak

– “I Got A Story To Tell” almost got scrapped from the final version of “Life After Death” because of clearance issues

– After recording “Playa Hater”, Biggie wanted to record a whole album of ballads titled “Big Ballads”

– There were a few sicker versions of the “Fuck Me” interlude from “Ready To Die” recorded that didn’t make the album because they were explicit

– “Big Poppa” almost never got recorded because the beat was given to The Lost Boyz after Puffy had heard it.  Puffy had to trade beats with The Lost Boyz in order to get “Big Poppa” back

– Biggie actually had “Somebody’s Got To Die” a full year before he recorded the verses to it

– There are rumors to be a version of the unreleased Mase song “Ain’t No Killah” featuring Biggie and Lil’ Kim

– “Call Me” by Lil’ Kim and Too Short (which appears on “The Booty Call” Soundtrack”) was actually for Biggie but he passed on the beat and Lil’ Kim took it

– There is actually two original unreleased versions of “Ill Be Missing You” that did not sample The Police

– Faith Evans is planning on releasing her own duets album titled “King and I” in 2015

– R.A. The Rugged Man says that “Cunt Renaissance” was actually the 2nd song that he recorded with Biggie. He said that he recorded a song with Biggie before that but the tape that it was recorded on was stolen and has been lost ever since

– Biggie and Heavy D were planning on recording a joint LP in 1995/1996.  The two could never get their schedules to match, so the album was never recorded

– Jay-Z and Dame Dash wanted to record a video for the song “Brooklyn’s Finest” from Jay-Z’s debut “Reasonable Doubt”.  Puffy on the other hand, was not interested in doing a video for it so the video was never made

– Easy Mo Bee said that there were 3 songs that he recorded with Biggie for “Ready To Die” that were never used or released.  These songs are : The Original Version of “Dead Wrong”, The Original Version of “Whatcha Want Nigga” and a remix to “Me and My Bitch”

– One of the last songs Biggie recorded for “Ready To Die” was a song with 2Pac

– The two unreleased songs that Daz owns is one where Biggie is on the hook and another one where Biggie has a complete verse

– Biggie’s first song that ever recorded with his friends at age 13 was called “We Don’t Care”.  Jazz musician and neighbor Donald Harrison is this only known person who has this recording.  He also has said that he has other early Biggie recording on 8-track tapes

– Faith Evans has said that 6 months before her and Biggie broke up, she had heard an original version of “Brooklyn’s Finest” that did not contain the 2Pac diss

– Biggie spoke in interviews that he was trying to get an appearance from Methodman on “Life After Death”.  because of the beef between he and Raekwon, no one knows if that song was actually recorded or not

– Biggie was also looking to include Lil’ Cease on “Life After Death” but there are no tracks featuring him.  No one knows if he and cease actually recorded a song for the project

– Biggie was looking to put the Isley Brothers on “Life After Death”.  No one knows whether or not they actually recorded a Big Poppa Part II

– In 1999, Miss Wallace said that Bad Boy Records has recorded so much material for “Born Again” that there was the possibility of another Biggie album to be released in 2000

– Slim of 112 said an alternate version of “I’ll Be Missing You” was recorded

– In 2007, DJ 50 Grand said in an interview that Biggie originally recorded “about 4 different demos”

– Biggie had really wanted to record a song with the Dogg Pound but never got the chance to

– Biggie had originally had a different and more rugged beat in mind for “Party and Bullshit” but Andre Harrell wanted a more upbeat and party song instead

– Puffy was originally supposed to be on the “Getting Money Remix” instead of Lil’ Cease

– Brooklyn’s Finest actually started a solo Jay-Z song that was titled “No More Mister Nice Guy”

– The night that 2Pac was shot at Quad Studios, he was going to record a song with Lil’ Shawn and Ron G.  2Pac said from jail that Biggie was supposed to be on that song

– Faith Evans said in an interview that Biggie did record a song with Special Ed but that the song was never released

– Before Biggie was killed, he had planned to record a second album with the whole Junior Mafia crew

– Charli Baltimore was originally supposed to be on Ashanti’s “Foolish Remix” instead of an old Biggie verse

– There is an original version to “Skys The Limit” with Biggie singing the chorus instead of 112

– Faith Evans said that while recording her “King and I” album someone from Queens reached out to her because he had a version of Biggie’s demo that was with different beats.  If that person from Queens is reading this, please contact us!