Rare Notorious BIG Facts

Biggie Smiling



– The last song Biggie recorded was Victory from Puffy’s No Way Out, which at the time was titled Hell Up In Harlem.  It was recorded on March 8th, 1997, one day before he was killed.

– The night that he was killed, Biggie and his crew faught with DJ Quik and his entourage.  After Biggie was killed, DJ Quik was one of the very first people questioned in the murder.

– Unfortunately, Biggie was only alive to see one album release, which was “Ready to Die”

– Juicy was Biggie’s least favorite song on Ready to Die

– Many people do not know this, but Biggie’s closest friends have said that Biggie had a sick set shot in basketball.

– Biggie’s favorite song of all the songs he ever recorded was Machine Gun Funk.

– The very first song that Biggie wrote and recorded for his debut album, was the song “Ready To Die”

– Biggie originally wanted Ready To Die to be more rugged and more street.  Puff on the other hand wanted a balance of street songs mixed in with pop records to appeal to a much wider audience.  If Biggie had Ready to Die recorded the way he wanted to, it would have sounded more like Illmatic.

– Biggie’s choice for lead single off Ready To Die was Machine Gun Funk.  Instead Puff chose Juicy.

– Biggie had worked on “Life After Death” for a full 9 months before it was released.

– Biggie had a 5 album/5 year contract with Bad Boy Records.  Biggie had planned to release a solo album in 1998 and 1999 which would then end his contract with Bad Boy Records.  Biggie had also planned a 6th and final solo album in 2000 which would have been released on his own record label.  He planned for his very last album to be the “greatest hip hop album of all time” and he wanted to sell 10 million copies

– It is NOT Biggie on the cover of Ready To Die.

– Even though Biggie recorded “Cunt Renaissance” with R.A. the Rugged Man, Biggie was not a fan of RA and really only did the track because the money was right.

– Before Biggie had a beef with certain members of the Wu Tang, Biggie was actually a huge fan of their music.

– Victory was a subliminal diss at Nas.

– Biggie and Puffy were getting ready to shoot a video for “Party and Bullshit” in 1993, but when the movie flopped, plans for the music video were shut down

– Biggie’s two favorite rappers were Jay-z and Too Short.

– The night that Biggie was shot, an off duty police officer was parked in the car behind him.  The off duty cop tried chasing the shooter’s car down, but the car eventually lost the cop

– The night of Biggie’s murder, it was rumored that the car Foxy Brown was traveling in, had a broken windshield from the bullets that bounced off the car Biggie was shot in.

– Although Puffy and Bad Boy marketed Biggie together with Craig Mack, they did NOT get along.  They recorded together and went on the road together, but Biggie and Craig Mack had beef.  People believe that because Craig Mack blew up first with Flava In Ya Ear, that he was jealous of Biggie’s new found success.  Biggie dropped Ready To Die and some of the hip hop world forgot about Craig Mack.  Bad Boy would never release his second album.

– I Got A Story To Tell, the last song on Life After Death Disc 1 was a story about John Starks girlfriend at the time.

– Biggie was arrested 7 different times in his life

– Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace took out an insurance policy for him when he was just 17.  She figured that with his lifestyle and the people he was with, that he wouldn’t live much longer

– Biggie was also a big fan of Mase

– Biggie really did have a feud with Kwame

– Mobb Deep and DJ Ron G were also part of “The Big Mac Tour” in 1995

– Biggie at first really did not like Bone Thugs N Harmony.  After a while he did become a fan of their music and then they became friends.

– Biggie was a big fan of Scarface’s music

– A lot of Biggie’s music that he recorded as a teenager (pre-Bad Boy and pre-record deal) has been lost by his close friends.

– Biggies original demo tape was only sold in the Lion’s Culture in Brooklyn.  There was only a limited number for sale.

– Biggie’s original plan was to the be the biggest drug dealer and boss of NYC.  He didn’t want to rap at first seriously and had dreams of being New York’s Tony Montana

– Biggie’s long term plan was to develop all members of Junior Mafia into solo artists with their own careers.  Biggie was planning to retire from rapping in 2000 and become CEO of his own label.  When he was working for Puff, he tried learning as much as he could about the business.

– When Biggie was recording “Ready To Die”, Easy Mo Bee had submitted a tape to Puffy with 20 different beats

– Juicy was originally titled “Its All Good”.

– Biggie was a fan of Illmatic, he just hated the fact that it was only 9 songs

– Biggie’s first advance from Bad Boy Records was actually $25,000, not $60,000 as is portrayed in the Notorious movie

– Of all the rappers that Biggie wanted to work with, Raekwon was number one on his list.

– Biggie stopped writing down rhymes and started to formulate them in his head instead, at the beginning stages of recording “Ready To Die”

– Back in 1994, Biggie and Nas were good friends and would end up hanging out with each other at music industry events.  Occasionally the two hung out freestyling to each other.

– Victory was originally titled “The Commission”

–  There were plans to shoot a video for “Runnin From The Police” in 1994, but when Tupac was shot at Quad Studios, plans for the video were completely shut down

– Prior to releasing the “Niggas Do Real Things” freestyle over Dr. Dre beats, Biggie used to write lyrics to Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album in 1993

– Producer Easy Mo Bee originally offered the beat to “Warning” to Big Daddy Kane and Big Daddy Kane said no

– At the start of his career, Biggie did in fact write his rhymes down on paper.  He also had books of his raps.

– The song “The What” got its name from the initial reaction Biggie and Methodman had when they heard the beat.  They both said out loud, “What The Fuck Is That”

– Ready to Die was originally called “Biggie Smalls The Teflon Don”

– On 2Pac and Stretch’s “God Bless The Dead”, Tupac was talking about west coast rapper Biggy Smallz and not The Notorious BIG.

– Originally Puff did not want “Suicidal Thoughts” on Ready to Die.  Biggie and Puff fought about it, and in the end Biggie won.

– Bone Thugs N Harmony are the only rappers to record with both Biggie and 2Pac while they were alive.

– Biggie loved L.A. so much after visiting there and spending time there, that he was also planning on buying a house there.

– Biggie and the Roots had beef after The Roots released their video to “What They Do”.  Biggie at the time felt the video was a shot at him and Puff.

– Before he passed away in 1997, Biggie had set up a management company and Puffy was his first client.  Biggie was planning to “manage” more hip hop acts in the future

– Biggie wanted Ready To Die to be 100% raw rap with no commercial songs on it, but he knew if he did that, that the record would not sell big numbers

– Buddy X by Neneh Cherry was a diss towards Lenny Kravitz.  Neneh Cherry did not approve of the way Lenny Kravitz was acting with all of his groupies on the road, so she made the song.  Biggie appeared as a special guest on the remix.

Biggie Stoic

– Before Biggie died in March of 1997, he ran into one of the members of XXaspe while he was in Los Angeles.  That night he apologized to her for his line in Dreamz.

– Biggie was a true fan of all rap and listened to all different kinds of rap, whether it was east coast or west coast, or whether it was mainstream or underground.

– To record the fight on Party and Bullshit, Puff made everyone go into the booth and throw chairs and stuff around.

– Biggie never won a Grammy.

– Biggie was a huge fan of Ol Dirty Bastard

– Biggie and Puffy have identical tattoos of Psalm 27 on their arms in the exact same spot

– The original first press of Ready to Die on Vinyl contains only 9 songs.

– Biggie was a huge Isley Brothers fan

– Biggie was there when R Kelly started building his hit “I Believe I Can Fly”.

– Puffy was planning a major international tour for Biggie in 1997 with the release of “Life After Death”.  Puffy had planned to team Biggie up with a live band for all his concerts, something Biggie had never done before

– Biggie’s Ready To Die did not receive 5 mics from The Source magazine.  When the magazine reviewed the album 8 years later in 2002, it was changed to a 5 mic rating.

– Biggie was an extremely talented drawer growing up.

– Biggie was a big fan of Jeru The Damaja

– The unreleased song “Flip That Shit” featuring Naughty By Nature and 3rd Eye Jesse West was originally on the “Who’s The Man Soundtrack” but was taken off before the album was released.

– Biggie was a very big fan of Jodeci

– Shaq was supposed to be at the Vibe party with Biggie the night he was killed.  Shaq has thought to himself whether or not being there would have changed the outcome of his death.

– When Biggie got to the point that he could memorize his rhymes, many artists he collaborated with wondered if he was wasting their studio time.  While in the studio other artists would be writing down their rhymes and Biggie would be sitting there not doing anything.  Some artists actually thought he was wasting their paid studio time.  Then out of nowhere, he would say he was ready to record and surprise everyone.

– Ready To Die originally had two sex skits on the album.  The retail version only contained one which was Fuck Me with Lil’ Kim

– Biggie and Big L did perform at some of the same events in 1994 and 1995

– Ready to Die’s advanced version contained a retail version of What Chu Want

– Biggie’s kids favorite song of his was machine gun funk (for both of them)

– Biggie didn’t actually wear much of Versace because none of it fit him.  Although he raps about Moshino and DKNY, he didn’t actually wear much of it

– While he was alive, Biggie always talked about retiring from the rap game and moving down South, where things are quieter and slower, and where he could move at his own pace

– While he was recording for LAD, he wanted to be known as the greatest ever

– The producer of the song “Goin Back To Cali” Easy Mo Bee, did not like the idea of having a song about California on “Life After Death”

– Biggie had planned to open up Soul Food restaurants in New York called “Big Poppas”

– Before Biggies death in March of 1997, Puffy had planned for he and Biggie to go on a worldwide tour later that year

– Biggie was upset with The Source magazine because he never received the Dopest Rhyme of The Month

– When Biggie was in Paris touring, he always stopped by Donetella Versace’s show and know her personally

– As everyone exited his funeral, the funeral home played the instrumental version of  Miss U

– 112 performed “Cry On” at Biggies funeral

– Ready to Die stayed on the Billboard charts Top 10 albums for 44 weeks straight

– Biggie often referred to his debut album as “Gangsta Rap/Reality Rap”

– Up until the time he past, Mr. Cee’s “Best of Biggie” mixtape was the all-time highest selling mixtape ever

– Biggie died in the same hospital Eazy E died in from Aids

– Biggie used to record LAD songs and play them for Jay-z in order to get feedback from him

– Mo Money Mo Problems was originally titled “I’m Coming Out”

-The West Coast Biggy Smallz also friends with 2Pac threatned to sue Biggie Smalls if he wouldn’t change his name

– Biggie never thought that his “Ready To Die” album would sell a million records

– One More Chance was Biggie’s first single to debut at #1 on the charts

– Originally The What with Method Man was planned to be a single from Ready to Die

– Life After Death was originally planned to be released on July 4th, 1996 and then also was planned to be released on Halloween of 1996

– Macs and Dons was originally planned to be on Born Again.  The song would later be released online, but never on a retail album

– Biggie practiced for two weeks to copy Bone Thugs’ style for the song “Notorious Thugs”.  He really wanted to have their style down pat before they recorded it.

– Biggie was once incarcerated at New York’s Riker’s Island

– Notorious Thugs with Bone Thugs was originally titled “Lets Ride”

– Mike Tyson thinks that Biggie is the greatest rapper of all time

– DJ Premier charged Biggie $5,000 for the “Unbelievable” beat

– Tyanna has her own clothing company called “Notoriouss”

– Life After Death was estimated to have sold 2 to 3 times more than if Biggie had not been killed two weeks prior to its release

– Biggie didn’t always receive love at first, as he and Craig Mack were booed at some of their original shows from The Big Mack tour in 1993

– After making it big in the music business, Biggie first moved from his mother’s house in Bed-Stuy to a duplex in Fort Greene and then to a townhouse in New Jersey

– Chuck D sued Biggie and Puffy over the use of his voice in the song “10 Crack Commandments”

– Biggie saw the movie Donnie Brasco right before recording his verse for “The Benjamins”

– Biggie was paranoid about Life After Death leaking early.  He knew that the mixtape DJs were trying to get the album early anyway they could

– Biggie was about to be arrested (before his death) on gun charges

– Biggie had bootlegged “Ready To Die” himself on tapes and gave them out to everyone in his neighborhood for free in the summer of 1994

– The song “Come On” was written out and not freestyled

– After Ready To Die, Puffy convinced Biggie to slow down his raps and be more laid back instead of the intense rapper he was on “Ready To Die”

– The Commission album was planned to be released on Rocafella Records

– Biggie had asthma

– 10 Crack Commandments was a beat that was not originally made for Biggie

– The reason why Biggie was beefing with DJ Clue is because Clue was able to get “Life After Death” before it was released.  He was the first person to bootleg that album.

– Jamie Fox said in an interview that he would listen to Biggie before filming “DJango” because it helped him get into his character

– Born Again was originally titled “The Black Album” and was meant to be a triple LP that Biggie was going to release in 1998 or 1999

– When Biggie first started rapping, he sounded very similar to Chubb Rock

– Biggie spent over two years working and recording for “Ready To Die”

– Contrary to what 2Pac said in interviews, Biggie did see him in the hospital after the Quad Shooting to return his gun he had stashed in the building
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