Rare Notorious BIG Facts III

We here at themostnotorious.com have accumulated so much information and rare facts of the Notorious BIG that we had to expand our “rare facts page” to a third page. Check back often as we often update our lists often

– The concept behind “Niggas Bleed” was Puffy’s idea
– The Pallbearers at Biggie’s funeral were: Damien Butler, Lance Riveria and Lamont Mosley
– Biggie loved watching Kung-Fu growing up
– Biggie was a huge fan of DJ Capri’s mixtapes in the late 80s and early 90s
– The “10 Crack Commandments” was the last song that Biggie recorded for “Life After Death”
– Biggie almost got signed to Motown Records before signing with Bad Boy Records. Biggie’s friend had connected him to an A&R at Motown Records, but they already had too many artists and didn’t have space for Biggie on the label
– In 1991, Lance “Un” Riveria was trying to get Biggie to freestyle battle Jay-Z at the barbershop he owned in Brooklyn. Because Jay-Z and Biggie had different busy schedules, Un was never able to get them together to battle each other

– Biggie used to buy himself cars to cheer himself up

– Biggie used to make 600-650 bucks a day selling drugs in Brooklyn in the early 1990s

– Biggie lost his virginity in the 6th grade at Brooklyn’s P.S. 11 School.  He had sex with the girl in an empty corridor

-Biggie didn’t get to be extremely overweight until he injured his foot in a bus accident.  He had to stay home for 6 weeks and after the 6 weeks just kept eating and eating.

– According to Lil Kim, Biggie was actually a great cook

– Biggie was a huge fan of R&B music, and Jodecei was one of his favorite groups.  Close friends say that he used to sing Jodecei all the time

– Biggie was a huge Run-DMC fan

– Biggie had originally wanted to go to the Caribbean to record “Life After Death” because he wanted to get away from New York and away from the drama of the East Coast/West Coast feud to lock down and record music

– Biggie had never got a chance to see the final version of his single “Hypnotize”.  He only got to see a small portion of the video before he was killed

– Biggie thought that his original demo was trash

– It was not Michael Jackson’s idea to put Biggie on the 2001 song “Unbreakable”.  Michael Jackson was looking for a rap verse to add to the song, and producer/co-writer Rodney Jenkins knew that Biggie was perfect for the song

– Voletta wanted Biggie to be a dentist or a lawyer when he was an adult

– Biggie and Faith had talked about moving out of New York and moving to Atlanta