Rare Notorious BIG Facts II

We here at themostnotorious.com have accumulated so much information and rare facts of the Notorious BIG that we had to expand our “rare facts page” to a second page.  Check back often as we often update our lists often.

– Biggie used to tour with his friend R Kelly

– Biggie’s territory where he was selling drugs in Brooklyn was between St. James and Washington Avenue

– Biggie was making so much money as a teenager selling drugs, that he used to have to hide his money and things he was buying from his mother.  As it appeared in the movie, Biggie really did hide all of his jewelry and clothes he was buying on the rooftop of his building

– Biggie has a rare cameo in R&B singer Suave’s video “Who Ya Think Ya Gassin”

– DJ SNS was one of the few mixtape DJs that Biggie respected.  DJ SNS wanted Biggie to record exclusive freestyles for his mixtapes.  DJ SNS did not want to bootleg Biggie’s already recorded and not released material as most mixtape DJs wanted to back then

– Biggie worshipped Rakim

– Biggie and Big Punisher performed at some of the same shows in 1997

– Rumors are that Puffy and Bad Boy Records settled out of court with the west coast Biggy Smallz for $1,000,000 for the use of the name “Biggie Smalls”

– Even though Biggie rapped about living a large life and having millions of dollars, he actually had very little in his name at the time of his death.  The contract that he signed with Puffy and Bad Boy Records was paying him no where near what his actual worth was at the time.  Biggie’s contract actually payed him very little.

– When Biggie was in jail in North Carolina, his mom bailed him out on a $150,000 bond.  When Biggie was a child, he had a large lawsuit from a broken foot that was around 80,000.  Voletta took his lawsuit money and some of her own and used that money to bail him out of jail

– Biggie had once served 100 hours of community service after attacking one of his fans with a baseball bat

– After Biggie’s murder, originally only one single eye witness came forward from hundreds of people who saw the event to help the police department

– “You’re Nobody Until Somebody Kills You” was one of Biggie’s favorite songs from Life After Death

– After weeks of investigation of the murder, the police departments only information was that the suspect was “Black male between 20 and 30”

– The west coast Biggie Smallz had a copy write on the name

– Tim Westwood used to DJ Biggie’s shows that he had in London with Bad Boy Records

– Biggie was eventually getting tired of playing “Party and Bullshit” at every show.  At first that was his most popular song and the one known by the most fans.  He eventually got tired of performing it over and over and wanted to play newer music instead

– Uptown Records and its parent company MCA didn’t like the original “Ready To Die” album.  Andre Harell and others didn’t like the album and thought it was ‘too hard”.  Uptown Records and MCA didn’t want to deal with repercussions of releasing a hard core rap album

– Biggie had signed most of his publishing right over to Puff in exchange for a flat fee

– Mrs. Wallace has always said that she spoiled Biggie growing up and that he was never as broke as he portrayed in his music

– Biggie had toured parts of Europe with Coolio and Junior Mafia in 1996

– Biggie’s room on 226 St. James was painted yellow

– Busta Rhymes has a special cameo appearance in the “Big Poppa” video

– “House Of Pain” recorded with 2Pac and Stretch was originally planned to be on “Ready To Die”

– John Starks has said that “I Got A Story To Tell” is not about him, but is true.  According to the 1996-97 Knicks roster, there are no 6-5 players on the team.  Allan Houston is the only 6’6 player on the team.

– Biggie was a HUGE fan of west coast rapper “King Tee”

– The Lox has said that on the night of Biggie’s murder, they were suppose to get into the car with him.  Biggie told them not to and to take their own car to meet up with him later

– Biggie’s car accident, which hospitalized Biggie for 3 months, occurred 3 days after 2Pac was shot in Las Vegas

– There is no direct mention of 2Pac on the double cd “Life After Death”

– There are rumors that Craig Mack helped Biggie write some tracks on “Ready To Die”

– 10 Crack Commandments was originally used as a promo for Hot 97 featuring Jeru the Damaja before appearing on “Life After Death”

– Biggie was a big fan of R&B singer Sade

– Biggie was planning on opening up a strip club in Atlanta in 1998

– “Ready To Die” only sold less than 60,000 copies the first week of its release even with Bad Boy Records heavy promotion of the project

– “Ready to Die” costs Bad Boy Records almost $500,000 to make

– Biggie wanted to own his own publishing company when he retired from rap

– Even though Puffy was fired from Uptown Records, the label still retained the rights to all of Biggie’s recorded music.  They originally were not happy with the hard core related content of the album and did not want to release.  Uptown Records was prepared to leave the album on the shelf

– Biggie used to battle Supreme (also shown in the Notorious movie) before his record deal.  There is also footage of Biggie and Supreme’s battling on Fulton Street from 1991 on youtube.  The two rappers have actually battled 4 or 5 more times than that one famous battle

– Biggie got his inspiration for storytelling songs and for his song “Gimme The Loot” from rapper Slick Rick

– When Biggie started to record “Ready To Die” he felt that one of his biggest competitors at the time was Redman

– Biggie once said about Nas in an interview in 1995 “I like Nas, because he reminds me of myself, with the lyrics kinda coming up on some hard street shit”

– Biggie felt that his music was similar to Marvin Gaye’s in that Marvin Gaye used to put the problems he was having in his life in his music

– On Biggie’s last day alive, he was suppose to go to the studio to do work on Puffy’s album “No Way Out”.  But Biggie told Puffy he was having fun in LA and had already finished the work on his album.  He just wanted to relax and celebrate that last day in LA

– In between “Ready To Die” and “Life After Death” Biggie was getting $20,000 for every concert

– Biggie used to make it rain on the crowds during his concerts, until he once lost a $5,000 ring in the process

– Biggie was seriously considering moving to Atlanta in 1997 and he also seriously contemplated writing an autobiography that he planned to release in 1998

– When Biggie was a teenager he was actually part of a 3-person rap group named Technique Crew that consisted of him, his friend Hubert Sam and his friend Mike.  They got their 2-dj group inspiration from Doug E. Fresh

– Biggie’s goal with “Ready To Die” was to sell 4-5 million records as Snoop and Dre had done with “Doggystyle” and “The Chronic”

– Biggie said that if he ever won a grammy, that he would go and sell it at a pawn shop

– By 1994, record companies had already noticed Junior Mafia and were interested in signing them to a record deal

– Biggie’s close friends had called Biggie “BIG” and not “Biggie”

– In an interview in 1994, Biggie said that none of the girls he mentioned in “Dreamz (Im Just Playin) ever retaliated back or said anything negative about him after the song was released

– Biggie originally thought that the west coast “Biggy Smallz” was going to change his name to something else and that he was going to keep the name “Biggie Smalls”.  After much argument on the issue, it was “Biggy Smallz” who won

– According to Biggie, Faith was an excellent Soul Food cook and Biggie said that she should open her own Soul Food restaurant one day in Brooklyn

– Originally Prodigy of Mobb Deep was not a fan of Biggie and did not want to work with him

– During the summer months of 1994, Puffy used to get really mad with Biggie because he was giving out his debut album for free to his friends before it was released

– When Biggie approached Premier about making the “Unbelieveable” beat, he only had $5,000 in his budget to use.  Preme at the time was charging $25,000 a beat but still made the beat for Biggie for only $5,000

– Puffy’s favorite song from “Life After Death” was “My Downfall”

– “I Got A Story To Tell” was originally made for Foxy Brown, but she hated the beat

– Biggie had a Lexus coupe even though he didn’t know how to drive

– Sean Kingston was originally suppose to be Biggie in “Notorious”

– After Puffy heard “Microphone Murderer” from his demo, he was already convinced that he need to sign Biggie

– “4 My Peeps” was originally titled “4 My Niggaz”

– The original version of “Its All About The Benjamins” was only Puffy and The Lox, no Biggie and Lil’ Kim

– Suge really did want Biggie to join Death Row Records

– Biggie knew a little bit of Arabic from visiting the Bodega so much

– Rapper Hurricane Gloria had introduced Faith Evans to Biggie

– Biggie did not want to release “Big Poppa” as a single

– Puffy had paid Uptown Records almost a million dollars to release Biggie’s original songs that he had recorded for “Ready To Die”

– Lil’ Cease has said that B.I.G. also stands for “Bullet In The Gut”

– The original title of “Warning” was “Raising Kane” because the song was originally for Big Daddy Kane

– Biggie had planned on buy matching Toyota 4Runners for him and D-Roc when “Ready To Die” was going to hit gold

– Biggie made about $2 per album from his deal with Bad Boy Records

– The idea for the concept of “Suicidal Thoughts” came from Lil’ Cease

– There are rumors that between 1995-1996 Biggie had ghostwritten lyrics for a few unknown underground rappers in Brooklyn.  Biggie was paid in cash by these and there was no mention of him in the credits

– Methodman received $2500 for his appearance on “The What”

– LL Cool J was in the studio the night that Biggie recorded “Who Shot Ya?”

– Biggie was also known around the way as “The Mayor Of Saint James”

– Biggie almost got arrested one last time selling drugs in North Carolina.  Puffy had heard that Biggie was down south selling drugs and told him to come back to New York.  Biggie felt that he should go back to New York and left the next day.  His friend who was selling with him was arrested later on after Biggie left

– The ending of suicidal thoughts is actually Biggie falling on the floor

– The original cover of “Life After Death” was suppose to be Biggie posing in the clouds with Angels, but Puffy rejected the idea

– Biggie once said in an interview in 1993 that he was an alcoholic and a weed head

– The panther in the “Hypnotize” video was named Crystal

– Biggie could not record with Puffy in the studio.  Biggie felt that Puffy was way too critical during the recording process.  Biggie didn’t always used to wait for Puffy to leave before recording his verses

– Tracey Lee said that after Biggie recorded his verses for “Keep Your Hands High” that he had to go back and re-write his verses because Biggie had smashed his parts

– Biggie was trying to sign Lil’ Shawn to Bad Boy Records right before he was killed in 1997

– Biggie’s favorite book growing up as a kid was Winnie The Pooh

– It took Biggie along time to tell Voletta that he had signed a record contract with Puffy and Uptown Records.  Biggie knew that Voletta would be upset about it.

– Although the video for “One More Chance” Remix starts with “Somewhere In Brooklyn…” the video was actually shot in Manhattan and not in Brookly

– Biggie was planning on going back to school to get his GED

– Biggie was planning on opening a dance studio in Brooklyn

– Lil Kim was the only member of Biggie’s crew who didn’t want to be a part of the Notorious movie.  Lil’ Kim was very upset about her casting and wanted them to cast Christina Milian for her role instead.

– Biggie’s last ever live performance was on December 26, 1996 in Jamaica

– Biggie was really not happy selling drugs on the corner in Brooklyn.  He really wanted his music career to work so he could stop selling drugs

– In addition to rap and R&B, Biggie also listened to country music

– Jazz musician and neighbor Donald Harrison took some of Biggie early teenage recording to Def Jam, but they were not interested in a 14 year Biggie Smalls

– Ma$e actually wrote Biggie’s verse for the “Only You” Remix with 112.  Puffy had the idea that if Ma$e wrote a good verse for Biggie, that he would then be signed to Bad Boy Records.

– Since Biggie’s friend D-ROC was 6’5, when Biggie was touring in Europe he used to tell fans that D-ROC was playing in the NBA

– Biggie originally tried recruiting Foxy Brown to be a member of Junior Mafia

– Junior Mafia had a very difficult getting signed because none of the east coast record labels were interested in signing the group.  They got rejected many times when they were shopping around their demo

– Biggie used to ghostwrite for artists in 1995 and 1996 for cash.  Biggie was not credited for his ghostwriting on their abulms and no one really ever found that he ghost wrote for other artists

– Biggie really did think that Methodman’s verse on “The What” was better than his own verse

– Biggie originally had a $20,000 custom made casket for his funeral.  The casket became contaminated and they had to purchase a new one for him

– Faith was originally suppose to have twins as Biggie mention on “Brooklyn Finest”.  One only child however from the two was born

– Junior M.A.F.I.A. stands for “Junior Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes”

– Biggie was suppose to be in the 1997 movie “Soul Food” with a small role but the producers could never track him down during the filming of the movie

– Voletta Wallace had been working on a Biggie biopic movie since the year 2000, 8 years before Notorious was started

– Bone Thugs never heard the final version (and Biggie’s verse) of “Notorious Thugs” until after Biggie had passed away when “Life After Death” was released