Notorious BIG Autograph Page

I get asked all time questions about Biggie’s autograph.  I have been able to acquire a bunch of my own, and that was after years and years of searching and planning.  It was not easy for me, and it only became easier after speaking to a few close associates of his, who were there when he signed autographs in person.  I figured making a FAQ on his autograph might help out a lot of fans:

Just how rare is Biggie’s autograph?

Biggie’s autograph is actually really rare to find.  Remember, he only became famous nationwide when Ready To Die was released, which was in 1994.  Before then, he was famous in Brooklyn and in NY, and not much further than that.  His songs did get played on the radio around the country, but this was pre-internet days and not too many people even knew what he looked like in person.  So, he really was only signing autographs from September of 1994 to March of 1997, not even a full three years.  I have heard stories of fans being afraid to approach him in person because he always was playing the tough guy and fans were intimidated.  A lot of fans who wanted to get his autograph where actually too scared to approach him.  Puffy had him do a few promotional events where he was signing Ready To Die items but that was only really in 1994 and some of 1995.  Biggie never did get a chance to do any formal in-store promotions for Life After Death.  Those autographs that are out there are normally from people who saw him in the mall, the airport or leaving a show.

How can I tell if my Biggie autograph is the real deal? 

There are ALOT of fakes being sold these days.  A lot of people are getting duped into paying $1000+ for a fake Biggie signature.  First of all, anything signed that was for sale after being released on March 9th, 1997 is fake.  That may SEEM like common sense, but I have seen on Ebay  “Born Again” cds (released in 1999) signed by Biggie.  Those are always going to be 100% fake.  I have also seen for sale, the west coast rapper “Biggy Smallz” (who forced Biggie to change his name) signature being sold as “Biggie Smalls” signature.  Biggie never ever signed his named with a y at the end.  Any autograph that is signed “Biggy Smalls” or “Biggy” or “Biggy Smallz” are fake.  Back in the day, some fans did not even know their was a difference between “Biggie Smalls” and “Biggy Smallz”.  Some fans actually did get “Biggy Smallz” to sign “Biggie Smalls” material.  Those signatures are not real and are signed with a y at the end.  Anything that is signed as “Notorious B.” is also NOT real.

Biggie signed his signatures either “Notorious BIG”, “BIG” “B.I.G.” or “Biggie Smalls (B.I.G.)”.  He typically signed his autographs “Notorious BIG”.  If his fans requested his signature in Biggie Smalls, its normally signed as “Biggie Smalls (B.I.G.).  He always followed his Biggie Smalls autograph with B.I.G.    Most of the time, Biggie also added “Much Love” to his signature.

Its actually pretty rare to find a Biggie signature that is not personalized to anyone.  Remember Biggie was famous in the 1990s and there wasn’t the internet where someone could easily sell items.  A lot of times back in the day, fans wanted to get the item personalized to them because they never planned to sell their autograph in the future.  You may find a few signatures for sale, but they might but addressed to a particular name.  If you see an item with Biggie’s signature and its not personalized, treat it as something that is really rare.

Keep in mind that out of any given year, around 5-10 autographs (if that, I am being generous now most of the time its less than 5) real Biggie autographs will be for sale.  There have been years pass where no Biggie autographs have been for sale.

Where can I find a Biggie Autograph for Sale?

The only real place to find one is on Ebay.  There are a few legitimate auction houses that sell music and sports memorabilia that may have one for sale.  Otherwise Ebay is going to be your best bet.  However, you must navigate through Ebay carefully and do your homework FIRST.  There have been a lot of fake signatures for sale on Ebay and I know in the future there will be more too.  As long as you know the difference between real and fake ones, you should be off to a good start.  If you are ever unsure of one for sale and need me to double check it for you, all you need to do is email me at

If you find any websites selling his autograph on his picture that are not from Bad Boy Records assume that it is fake.  The only pictures that he autographed during the time he was alive was a few official Bad Boy Records pictures.  There were not a lot of posters made of Biggie during the time he was alive.  A lot of the posters that you see for sale today came after his death in 1997.  You will see some autographs for sale for under 200 dollars on a Biggie poster that is definitely not official Bad Boy merchandise.  Assume that all of those are fake.

How much is a Biggie Autograph worth?

This is by far the question I get asked the most.  Authentic Notorious BIG signatures sell anywhere from $800 to 1,200+.  Original material belonging to him (such as contracts or official paperwork of his) will sell for $3,000 or more.  Typically a signed album or poster would fetch around $1,000.  Biggie didn’t do so many store signings, so a lot of signatures for sale may just be a piece or scrap paper or a napkin.  A “Christopher Wallace AND Notorious B.I.G.” signature would fetch the most money.  The only time that he signed both of his names was on any official document of his, and those sell for $4,000 or more.  Since has passed away, as years go on, his signature is only going to be more difficult to find.  Those values will only be going up in the future.


If you would like to know any more information on his signatures or need me to authentic one for you online, please email me at